Capital Market Solutions

Managing Director

SFG provides independent, objective risk management advice for a wide range of financing and hedging needs. We assist issuers with accessing the capital markets through both public offerings and direct placements with financial institutions or institutional investors. In advising clients on the use of swaps and derivatives, we assist with strategy, product selection and counterparty selection using either competitive or negotiated methods.

Debt Financing

  • Taxable and tax-exempt public market offerings
  • Limited offerings, private placements, direct purchase, forward purchase agreements
  • Structured Products
  • New transactions, amendments, novations, unwinds and termination.
  • Interest rate swaps, Treasury and MMD rate locks
  • Swaptions, cancellation options (American, Bermudan, European)
  • Caps, floors and collars
  • Total return swaps
  • Credit default swaps
  • LIBOR, SIFMA, SOFR, Fed Funds, Prime and more
  • Commodities and FX
  • Swaps, futures, forwards
  • Natural gas, diesel (ULSD/HO), gasoline (RBOB), foreign currencies